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QMT brings Gilbert and Sullivan to new generation

Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.

A diehard Gilbert and Sullivan fan himself, Stewart believes that The Mikado will not only delight other Gilbert and Sullivan fans in the Kingston community, but it will introduce comic opera to a whole new generation.

"I thought that The Mikado would be good for Queen's and good for Kingston," Stewart says. "I hope to launch Queen's into a new golden age of Gilbert and Sullivan appreciation.

"People think of it as an antiquated form. Technically it's Clomid China an operetta, a period piece, but we're trying to contemporize it by having a young cast. A traditional Japanese aesthetic informs the show and makes it exciting. We are looking to create a visual spectacle."

Stewart's young cast of 21 Queen's students brings an exuberant physical energy to the production, with imaginative, fun choreography by Mitch Munro.

Queen's Musical Theatre has a strong reputation for presenting high quality productions, and The Mikado raises the bar.

Live music is provided by a small, but lush sounding orchestra, directed by Rejean Campbell, that sets a professional tone from the very first note. The musical opens strongly with the vigorous male voices of a chorus of noblemen and the wandering minstrel Nanki Poo, played to great comic effect by AndrewAnd when the chorus of girls enters, singing, and the trio of Yum Yum (Alana Sargeant), Peep Bo (Suzette Janse van Rensburg) and Pitti Sing (Miri Makin) break into "Three little maids from school are we", the operatics soar to whole new levels.

"There is a very, very strong body of talent in terms of the female singers," says Stewart. "I really had the pick of the crop. It was a bit more challenging casting the guys, but I'm very, very pleased with the male chorus; they are very talented, and very committed."

The Mikado is a comic opera in two acts, with spoken dialogue as well as the musical elements of opera. The story follows the adventures of Nanki Poo, the diguised son of the Mikado, as he woos Yum Yum, who is engaged to the Lord High Executioner. Intended to satirize British institutions of the time, the operetta is steeped in what Stewart Trenbolone Acetate Generic Supplements calls the Buy Tren Acetate Uk "great comedic British tradition, which has to do with comedic timing, largeness of character and a larger than life stage presence."

Directing The Mikado fulfils a lifelong ambition for 21 year oldStewart, who is in his fourth year at Queen's. Stewart grew up in London, Ontario, where Gilbert and Sullivan operettas have been an annual tradition since 1955.

"I always thought if I were ever to direct, it would be Gilbert and Sullivan and it would be The Mikado, Stewart explains.

"It has been a blast. I'm fortunate to be directing material that I have such an affinity with. I feel very privileged. Gilbert and Sullivan are such great artists, I feel they gave me all the material I Apotek Viagra needed to work with.

"I have definitely caught the directing bug. It was overwhelming at first, but to have that creative control is empowering. To be able to work Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop with such creative, talented actors to create something together is an exciting sensation."

Peter Nielsen, who plays Ko Ko, the ineffectual Lord High Executioner, had a similar experience the "buy cheap jintropin online" first time he saw The Mikado.

"I saw my first show when I was seven years old, at Buy Viagra London the Grand Theatre," he recalls. "I thought, 'I'd like to do that, play that role.' Now the actor who played Ko Ko is letting "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" me borrow his sword, Ko Ko's snickersnee. It brings the whole thing full circle."

Queen's Musical Theatre is a not for profit theatre group, dedicated to giving students the opportunity to participate in musical theatre at all levels of production, while simultaneously providing high quality entertainment to Kingston audiences. This production marks only the second time in 40 years that Queen's has done a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.


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