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Race to the bottom

With the leaders of the political parties in Ontario all acting like school children and Hudak threatening each other with lawyers and Andrea Horwath making a big showing walk out from Queens Park the people of Fort Erie continue to "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" have their lives used as political footballs. Fort Erie. The Land that Time and the Gov forgot.

The province announces $100 million in the horse racing industry Monday in a bid shore up some of the tracks that were originally left out of the latest Buy Cialis Switzerland round of negotiations.

In October, the province unveiled a $400 "buy cheap jintropin online" million pool of money to be used at a small handful of horse racing tracks across Ontario. Amidst a by election in February, the provincial government announced it would fund a full race calendar in Fort Erie in 2014.

However, Jim Thibert, CEO of the Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium, said the Low Testosterone Nz announcement of Methandienone Price In Usa additional funding has still not produced enough cash for the track to host a full season a Readers Digest version of a season that totals about 37 dates. The number of race dates held at Fort Erie has been steadily declining for years, and took a significant hit last Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) year. After running 80 race dates in 2012, the track dropped to 50 in 2013, and could end up as low as 40 this year so you forgive the people of Fort Erie and the people in the industry, who feel like political footballs, if they call BS on this announcement.

How often can you announce/delay, announce/delay, announce/delay before you realize the damage being done to people lives.

Either give them the money to continue or put them out of their misery. This half assed approach is an insult to all of us.

Common decency would tell the Anavar Oxandrolone For Sale Uk rulers that an answer, positive, or not positive, would give relief, or closure, to the horse industry people. Tom Petty sang, 'the waiting is the hardest part'. It's true. at the Fort Erie facility. They don't aspire to be millionaires. They want to "Comprar Gh Jintropin" make a living while training their horses to be the best they can be. We should encourage and support it.


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