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Redd's 'Shoot the Scout' Analysis

Justin Redd is a former All Ivy League midfielder from Cornell who played parts of two seasons in the MLL. He will be providing some analysis for ILs readers on the televised games throughout the lacrosse season.

Holy Overtime! I ve never watched so much lacrosse in a weekend.

Penn s Craig Andrzejewski is a highly underappreciated player. If he wasn t buried on a 1 6 team, you would hear a lot more about him. In the first quarter, when possession was somewhat even, he had three goals: one off a tough ground ball, one off a dodge, one on the crease. He s not a physically imposing guy, but he ll put his shoulder into the D and he turns the corner Comprar Viagra as well as anyone in the nation. Cornell s Matt Moyer, a righty, did a nice job playing left handed to shade Andrzejewski s right hand, and Cornell also threw lefty Andrew McDonald at him for the second quarter.

Cornell has been shuffling some different guys in and out of the third attack spot, and it looks like Chris Finn has settled in with Ryan Hurley and Rob Pannell. Other guys who have started on attack at one point or another in their careers are still finding a way to produce. Kyle Doctor had two goals on the man up, and Chris Ritchie scored playing midfield. Cornell is developing some offensive depth.

Cornell plays the subbing game better than anyone. Cornell s middies recognize when they are covered by an offensive player and consistently beat their men to the midline. If the opposing player does not want to play D, it creates opportunities for unsettled situations. Rocco Romero played two of these six on fives to perfection, assisting once, and scoring on the next, but credit in the film room will go to the defensive middies who hustled out of the game.

Cornell was physically better than Penn, but Penn "Comprar Gh Jintropin" played hard and forced the Red into too many turnovers, especially between the lines. Cornell is going to have to sharpen up with a huge week upcoming: Harvard and Syracuse.

Some quick notes on other games. Ricci and Syracuse s Joel White. In a year when LSM is one of the deepest positions nationally, these guys are two of the best and they did not disappoint. Both were all over the field making plays, getting GBs, and clearing. Ricci did blow by White off a faceoff for a goal, though.

Loyola mismanaged the fourth quarter. They were up 12 8 and went man up, but let the rest of the game be played at Syracuse s pace. Loyola couldn t resist shooting in the first ten seconds of a possession when they should have taken a stall and milked two minutes off the clock at a time, stretch SU out, make them foul, etc.

UNC Tadalafil Supplier 10 JHU 9

There is a lot to be said for a quick release on a shot. Sean Delaney s OT game winner was not the hardest shot I ve seen him take, but he got it out of his stick so quickly that the goalie did not have a chance. The feed came from Testosterone Online India straight behind the goal at X, so the keeper had to turn completely around. Delaney fired it before the goalie s feet were set and it went 5 hole. You can bet Coach Myers has been working with UNC s offense on this.

UVA 10 MD 9

Maryland tried to use the pick at the top of the box like they did against Carolina but UVA was not falling for it. Virginia s middies stayed on the field and talked through the picks. I m sure they took care of that one in the film room.

Colgate 10 Army 9

Army s goalie Tom Palesky is a very solid goalie. Army has had extreme difficulty winning one goal games, but they wouldn t be in them if Palesky didn t stand on his head every week.

Army s Bill Henderson stayed in Colgate A Brandon Corp s "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" shorts all game. Corp, who is renowned as a dodger, never got a step on Henderson one on one. Corp did show versatility in his game, though, scoring off ball and feeding his Kamagra 100 teammates, including the OT game winner. A nice example of taking what the D gives you instead of forcing something that isn t there that day.

I ve seen most Top 20 teams play at least once so far, so in the spirit of the Mid Season, I d like to tell you some guys who are having great seasons and why. I m picking guys who did not make the IL first and second teams, even though I thought those were good lists. I hate who s better than whom arguments; these guys are just good players who did not get a mention. In no particular order:

Ryan Hurley, Cornell, A. He scores a ton of goals, but his game is more diverse than just finishing. It doesn t take a great attackman to ride, but all great attackmen ride.

Craig Andrzejewski, Penn, A. It s harder to stop him from getting his right hand than it is to pronounce his last name (an der JEFF ski).

Joel White, Syracuse, LSM. He s a ballhawk and is very dangerous in transition without being a liability in terms of decision making.

The Long Stick Middie Class in general. It would be awesome to see a Braveheart tournament between, White, Ricci, Methenolone Oral Barney Ehrmann, Charlie Kolkin, Pierce Derkac, Mike Timms, and some of the others.

Tom Palesky, Army, G. He takes up a ton of the cage and makes shooters change their shots. Palesky has kept Army s games close.

Michael Kimmel, Hopkins, M. He does everything for JHU and plays his heart out all over the field.

Steve Giannone, UVA, M. On a team full of stars, he stands out to me because he just goes a hundred miles an hour. He does a little of everything including the dirty work.

Brendan Reilly, Princeton, DM. Reilly takes a penalty here Buy Kamagra 100mg and there, but his mean streak changes the way middies dodge him. I wouldn t wear the little arm pads against him.


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